Thursday, March 12, 2009

Farewell to Pickle

I know I haven't written in quite some time. Mostly because I've been depressed but Corey and I broke up again and I am moving with Cooper this weekend. We're moving back downtown and I think Cooper will be fine with the move. Ironically I'm moving into my old apartment complex so it's not like I haven't been there before. In some ways I'm glad I'm moving there because Cooper and I already know the area really well and really, at some point it'll feel like we never left.
I'm going to miss Pickle like crazy though. I've had him for 8 months and watched him come out of his shell; at least around Corey and me. I'm going to miss his happy-go-lucky attitude and his quick, speedy responses to whatever I ask him to do. I'm going to miss the way he would curl up next to my legs whenever Cooper wasn't on the couch with me.
Because this is a bad split, I told Corey I want nothing to do with him but he insists on using me to dogsit Pickle for him when he goes out every weekend. While I can see his point since Pickle has an intense fear of strangers, I don't want Corey relying on me to watch his dog so he can skimp on his responsibilities. In my opinion, I think forcing Pickle into social situations might help him get over his fear. Of course I could be horribly wrong but I really don't think I can handle having to see Corey all the time.
Pickle has always been the kind of dog that wants to know what you're doing. If I go to the bathroom, he's one step behind me. Even if I close the door he opens it somehow (I suspect that the latch doesn't catch all the time) and sits in the doorway or on the bath mat. One time while I was showering I looked down and saw Pickle staring at me through the curtain. Kind of creepy when you're almost legally blind without glasses or contacts. Lately he's been staring at me with his big brown eyes and they look so sad. He has the puppy dog eyes down and it's really pulling on my heart strings. I just see his cute little face and it really breaks my heart knowing that he might not be well taken care of. A part of me wants to take care of him but the other part really doesn't want to have to put up with Corey. I know I'm being unfair to the dog but at some point we need to break contact. I don't think I'm at fault that Corey doesn't have any friends that he feels like he can trust to watch a dog for a day or two.
I know Cooper will be tons happier without Pickle. We've been keeping them seperated and Cooper just basks in the glory of having his own space. I feel bad for Pickle because he's always sitting outside the bedroom door whining and pawing at the door while Cooper growls at him from the other side.
Who knows, maybe I'll be the bigger person and take care of Pickle just this once but I really don't know, I'm so conflicted and the one who has to pay is Pickle.

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