Monday, March 23, 2009

Mellow Yellow

According to my friends who haven't seen Cooper since I moved to Lone Tree, Cooper has mellowed out. Who knew? To me he has been the same dramatic, bitchy little queen since the first day I got him. And I love him for that.

Anyway, my friend David was staring at Cooper when he came to help me move and Cooper was jumping on him and leaning against his legs asking for pets. I guess thinking about it now, Cooper is a little more affectionate. He still barks at strangers which is a good thing; I like nice dogs but at the same time I want a dog that'll at least try to be intimidating sometimes. Megan came over yesterday briefly and Cooper wanted to play fetch with her.

Perhaps the person's opinion that would affect me more is Fox's. Fox has had shibas in his life and currently has one named Jackson (who is the perfect dog in every way; Fox refers to him as the "broken shiba" because Jackson can be trusted off leash, comes when he's called, likes to cuddle, etc.). Fox noticed that Cooper is a lot more calm, mellow, and affectionate. I guess I can't see the difference because I'm around him all the time.

I don't know what that means. Maybe Cooper has finally matured into a calm adult dog and he's no longer a moody teenager dog. I swear, if he was a real boy, Cooper would be the most emo kid alive. Cooper's still a dick at times though, no way would he ever be a "perfect" dog and I accept him as he is. He still pulls too hard on his leash for the first 5 minutes and after being worn out from dragging me, he lags behind and tries to make me carry him.

This is a picture of "emo Coop" from about a year ago. I really should take more pictures of the little guy.

When I take him out for walks, everyone notices him and says, "oh! What a happy doggy! Look, he's smiling!"

I guess he is glad to be downtown and away from Pickle after all.

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