Tuesday, December 16, 2008


It is freaking cold here in Colorado and we are breaking overnight low records left and right. It's not just cold during the night, it is almost unbearable in the day time as well. Thankfully, I have a roof over my head and two extremely warm little bodies to curl up next to. Also, my stupid downstairs neighbor must turn the heat up super high because our floor is always warm. Ha, stupid neighbors...have fun paying your energy bill...
Anyway, how cold is it here? Well, cold enough that Pickle's pee froze in the span of less than 2 minutes. I took him out after work and right before I got to the stairwell a guy came in with his dog scaring Pickle into peeing a gigantic puddle. I couldn't move him until he stopped so by the time I got Cooper and Pickle downstairs to where the grassy area is and back up the stairs, the pee had frozen into a little yellow lake. Gross, true, but it is like, -32 with the wind chill. Luckily it isn't humid in Colorado or else it would feel worse.
We didn't really turn the heater on until Sunday but it started snowing and getting to sub zero temps Saturday night/early Sunday morning. We woke up Sunday and found to dogs cuddled up and "shivering" although it was 62 degress in the house. Liars. They have that super thick fur and I know they're just doing that to get sympathy and to sleep in our room again.
Now it is toasty and warm in the house which makes it so much harder for both the dogs and Corey and me to leave. Cooper especially hates the salt they throw down on the sidewalks and cringes, cries, and lays on his back with his paws curled to his chest. Somehow he always manages to step in the only pile of salt and complains about it. Pickle either doesn't care or avoids the salty spots because he hasn't had that problem yet. I thought about buying booties for Cooper but he refuses to walk if his paws are covered in anything; I have to bandage his paws during allergy season because he chews the pads of his feet. It's really pathetic watching your dog limp around after you because his paws are burning from the salt. Plus I hate the looks that people give me because they think I'm abusing my dog or heartless for letting his paws hurt when really, it's beyond my control. I also get super pissed because instead of whining about the pain, Cooper full out screams like a banshee when he steps in the salt. Then he just stands in it lifting on foot after the other and I can't do anything to make him move. It's like he secretly enjoys the pain...

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