Thursday, December 4, 2008


I don't know if dogs can really remember anything in their past. I suppose tons of research has been done where mom dogs won't recognize their old litter or what not but I disagree with that. My old dog Sari had puppies a long, long time ago and had a small litter of three, healthy, adorable Jindo puppies; all female. We had one left for the longest time and found a home for her. After 2 weeks, the people who bought her brought her back to us because their older dogs didn't like it and would pick on her and bite her. Sari, for the 2 weeks her last puppy was gone, was super sad and lethargic and didn't have much of an appetite or will to live. As soon as we brought her puppy to the backyard, Sari's eyes lit up like she couldn't believe what she was seeing and her ears went back and she started making these crying noises. Her puppy ran straight towards her, leaping onto her face and digging its snout into Sari's teat area. We only kept her for another few weeks before someone else bought her. But that was the most touching thing ever and it was seriously like something out of a movie. And it kind of proves that maybe they don't forget. True, two weeks is a short amount of time but it could feel like ages to a dog, don't you think? I don't remember anything from two weeks ago...

Sometimes I wonder if Pickle remembers his past life in crappy Iowa on a crappy po-dunk farm out in the middle of nowhere. I've been noticing more and more interesting quirks from him and I have now concluded that as a puppy he didn't have access to toys, rawhide chews, or really, anything to chew on. He doesn't know what to do with toys except sniff at them, won't chew on bully sticks unless Cooper's chewing on one, and is terrified of sticks. He's also terrified of children and men. Corey gets jealous because when we get home from work both dogs come running for me and they always run by Corey. I think it's because I'm the one who gives them treats.

Anyway, I think Pickle really appreciates the things he has in his life right now. I sure as hell spoil the crap out of him and try my hardest in making him feel like part of the family. Whenever I give him a treat he is already pulling out all his tricks before I even get the treat out of the bag. He sits, shakes, high fives, and targets without a treat in my hand. He only sits on pillows and snuggles into blankets but he's too scared or maybe nervous to let me cover him up with a blanket. I think he's enjoying his life a little more; at least I hope so.

Cooper on the other hand really takes his life for granted. He is bitchy and thinks the world should revolve around him and his needs. He rarely sits or does anything even if you do have a treat in your hand. Instead he tries to take it away from you if you're distracted. I suppose he was much more socialized than Pickle but we also got him at about 10 weeks of age whereas we got Pickle when he was 6 months old. Who knows what Cooper could have been like if he didn't find a home for that long.

I just hope Pickle continues feeling like the luckiest dog in the world. I think after all he's been through he deserves a lot of love, peanut butter, and chicken jerky.

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