Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Oh the places he will go...

Sometimes I wonder if Cooper has an imagination, and if he does, what he thinks about. When he was a puppy he would hold a toy in his mouth and trot around the house for about an hour with the most pensive look on his face. True, he might have been debating on where to hide the toy but the manner in which he was walking made me think of a little kid armed with a backpack and the threat of running away to find his own adventures.
Sometimes Cooper stares out the window for hours. Normally, this wouldn't bother me if I actually had a view, but as I stare at the side of the adjacent building, I wonder what Cooper thinks about. I hate how scientists assume that dogs are simple and incapable of having any kind of higher thinking; I like to think that Cooper dreams, daydreams, and imagines great possibilities.
Which got me thinking, what would a dog daydream about? Treats? Another long walk through a park he hasn't been to in awhile? Wistful musings of days that have passed? Yearning for more stimulation? Perhaps he contemplates his existence, loneliness, or maybe he thinks of more optimistic things such as, "My mom will be coming home soon and then she'll give me treats, love, and a walk!"
Since Cooper's rather on the emo side, I think he thinks about random emo subjects. What those are, I don't know, but I'm sure he composes poetry in his head.

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