Monday, July 27, 2009

Allergies and Sneaky Weight Gain

Last Friday Cooper had a vet appointment for a bordatella booster and to check up on his allergies. Thankfully, this year wasn't as terrible as last; I didn't have to bandage his paws to keep him from chewing on them.
Anyway, once we got into the vet and Cooper tried in vain to get back outside, the vet techs weighed the little guy while my chest puffed out in anticipation to hear them say, "He weighs 25 pounds!" Instead, I hear, "Cooper's 30 pounds!" My jaw literally hit the floor and I had an incredulous look of fury and disappointment that everyone noticed. I let out a loud, "Oh, Cooper!"while Cooper sat there on the scale, blinking up at me.
I honestly thought with his diet and ridiculous daily walks that he lost weight. He also blew out his coat and is looking sleeker, slimmer, and skinnier. I was so upset, he hasn't had treats in forever, I try to walk him longer and twice on weekends, and still, the little porker actually gained weight. I have no idea how that happened. God, I have to have the fattest shiba known to man.
Ugh, besides me disgruntled rumblings about his weight gain and not loss, Cooper's pretty healthy overall. He doesn't have mites or a weird skin condition, thanks to the switch to a grain free diet, his allergies have been consistently seasonal. The vet gave us a different medication and that'll hopefully sort out his problems. Cooper's now on a vitamin supplement for Omega 3 fatty acids and all I have to say is I'm glad that I gave Cooper jelly beans. He doesn't seem to notice a difference and just eats them like he eats jelly beans. Thank God because I don't think I can shove a pill down his throat and hold his mouth until he swallows.

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