Monday, July 13, 2009

Dog Sitting

Isn't it weird that, as owners, we think our dogs are near perfect? Or maybe it's because we're used to all the little quirks and idiosyncrasies our dogs have...either way, David likes to complain about Cooper and I complain about his dog, Leila.
I know Cooper has some problems; he walks too slow, will hold his poop for days, willingly makes himself sick, screams and cries when something annoys him, and generally doesn't like other dogs. But, he knows basic commands, is super easy going, not too mischievous anymore, and has the general apathy that I have come to love.
I feel like Leila could be a better dog with better training. I guess the same could be said about Cooper, however, since he is my dog, I feel like he's I dunno, I guess 80% trained. He knows not to jump on strangers, spit things out when you tell him, and is completely housebroken and I know I won't need to worry about accidents unless he has a terrible, terrible stomach ache. He is pretty good at holding it until I get home, and I love him dearly for that.
I read that the average trained dog has a vocabulary of 160 words. I think Cooper knows around 60 or so words for sure, 10 he knows but chooses to ignore, and the rest is all gibberish to him. He knows a few commands in Korean and I feel like that should count for two words.
Anyway, my brother's coming to visit for a month which will give David a break from watching my little drama queen.

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