Tuesday, May 26, 2009

You Can Come Inside, But You Can't

Cooper's a relatively easy going dog who loves everyone. Anyone that walks in through the door is his new best friend for life. He greets them a thousand times better than the way he greets me; tail wagging, shiba grin on his face, and ears pinned to the side of his head. However, I have noticed that there are certain people that he seems to almost hate. He turns into the ideal watchdog by growling, barking and baring his teeth to try and get that person out of the house.
OK, so I've only noticed this behavior with one or two guys; one was a cable guy who completely ignored him and hurt his feelings and the other is my friend Austin. Granted, Austin doens't really come over often but when he does, Cooper will not stop barking at him. I don't know why he does that; maybe it's some weird alpha thing. Austin usually teases Cooper by barking back and that just pisses off the little guy even more.
Side Note: it's actually super cute watching Cooper get mad. His "angry face" is so darn cute and I don't know how anyone can take him seriously when he's scrunching his nose and narrowing his eyes. Usually he gets frustrated because I laugh and tears into a toy and wringing it within the last inch of its life.
Anyway, Austin came over yesterday and I kept Cooper in his house. He was fine, didn't bark, whine, or really, make a single sound. What a weird-o.

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