Thursday, May 28, 2009


I feel so bad right now that I want to go home and take care of Cooper. Because of constant complaints from the neighbors, I gave in and bought a shock collar for Cooper last night at Petsmart. I had to test it on him to make sure it works and it was the saddest thing watching him get a shock. It's annoying to hear him bark and he doesn't bark like a normal dog; it kind of sounds like one long yell/shout thing. And he keeps that up for hours. I don't know if he's lonely, scared, what, I don't know but I had to do something because leaving the radio on or the tv on doesn't seem to have an effect on him.
He's a fast learner so I'm hoping he'll figure out that when he barks, it's a bad thing and he'll stop barking on his own. I just feel like a bad person fo getting one of those collars.

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