Monday, June 13, 2011

Things I have in common with my dog part 1

When I was a wee lass, my mom used to rub my belly until I calmed down and feel asleep. I would lie next to her and roll my shirt up and she would rub in a circular motion and I would almost instantly fall asleep. It's my favorite thing in the world and sometimes I can't help but ask my significant others or even super best friends to rub my tummy. And yes, it is awkward lifting my shirt up to my boobs as whoever shakes their head in resignation and sighs while tentatively reaching for my muffin top.

Cooper loves getting his tummy rubbed and he's rather whorish as he willingly splays backwards with all four feet in the air giving a look that clearly says, "touch me, you know you want to." And he wallows and makes these weird faces with his teeth half bared while he moans with glee. He doesn't discriminate; he will roll over for a person he just met.

So when he looks at me and rolls over with a look that says, "please???" I think to myself, "Ah Coop, of course I'll rub your tummy! It's the best feeling in the world, huh little guy?" and I will rub his tummy until he had enough.

So this is something I have in common with my dog. Tummy rubs.

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