Thursday, June 2, 2011

Cooper's Day

6:25 AM: Go pee
7:10 AM: Shock collar goes on and I am out the door
7:11 AM: Sulks on the couch
9:00 AM: Sulks on my bed
9:01 AM: Sulks on my pillows and sheds 9 times more than normal
10:00 AM: Sulks in his house

(this goes on until I come home)

4:15 PM: Greets me (sometimes) at the door and gets shock collar taken off
4:16 PM: Ignores me
4:30 PM: Walk
6:00 PM: Dinner
6:15 PM: Wanders around the house with a toy in his mouth and whines for about 20 minutes
6:40 PM: Sulks in his house


For awhile my roommate was unemployed and I would ask what Cooper did during the day. My roommate told me that sometimes he forgets that Cooper's around. He told me Cooper sleeps on my bed although he's not supposed to, then he'll move to my pillows, and eventually he'll go into his house. I asked if Cooper ever wants to play or get attention, and my roommate said rarely. I guess Cooper is really a one-man dog. Or in my case, a one-girl dog.

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