Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Yesterday was a nice, kind of cool day so my friend Fox and I decided to go for a hike near Evergreen, CO. He was bringing Jackson, his shiba, so I thought I'd bring Cooper along since it wasn't too hot and I figured he should be ok. I always worry about Cooper and the heat since he has a heart problem and he's just a lazy asshole who hates walking in general. I was prepared to either carry him up and down the mountain or take many breathers until he felt like walking.
Fox came to pick us up and I was a little nervous since Cooper isn't a huge fan of Jack. Luckily, Cooper sat in the back seat while Jack sat in my lap and both ignored each other. Once we got to the hiking area and let the dog out, they promptly ignored each other the entire time. Neither cared who was in front, they didn't sniff each other and get in each other's faces, and didn't try to pee on the same spot that the other peed on.
I was super proud of Cooper for ignoring Jack and every other dog we met on the trail. I was also puffed with pride because the little guy kept up the entire time and not once did he beg me to carry him and not once did he lie on the ground as dead weight making me drag him. He got tired after awhile, but hell, so did I and I was so so thankful that I didn't have to carry him.
I think he ejnoyed the hike. He was so godawful dirty and dusty at the end of it; I wouldn't let him in the house for awhile until he shook himself out enough. But, I was glad that Cooper kept up, glad it wasn't too hot, and glad to know that I can take him out for future hikes.

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