Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I live half a block from the State Capitol which means there's always police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks that scream by every seemingly half hour. It's awesome and I've adapted to the wailing of sirens to the point where it makes me suspicious if I don't hear that constant noise.

My apartment complex has an interestingly large amount of dogs. There's several on my floor and one of them is this annoying fat beagle. He howls and yowls every time it hears a cop car or whatever with a siren go by. It's terrible, it happens too often for me to think it's funny or cute.

Cooper, my super Cooper, doesn't howl at sirens. He doesn't yap when all the other dogs are yapping in the apartment complex. He marches to his own beat and thank god that tempo has nothing to do with all the other asshole dogs in my apartment.

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