Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tricking Cooper

It's allergy season which means Cooper is itchy, miserable, swollen, and bitchier than normal. Every morning after I take him out, he gets a spoonful of peanut butter with two benadryl tablets hidden in it. Most of the time he eats it without a problem but sometimes, he spits them out or flat out refuses the peanut butter and makes angry face and angry noises at the spoon from the confines of his kennel.
As he isn't that smart, it's pretty easy to trick him into eating it although it is frustrating as hell when you're already running late for work.
Me: "Cooper, want some peanut butter?"
Cooper glares at the spoon: "NO!!! It makes me sleepy!"
Me: "Are you sure? It's good..."
Cooper: "NO! I DON'T WANT ANY!"
Me: "Fine, I guess it's all for me then...NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM! MMM!"
Cooper: "What are you eating? Give me some!"
Me: "Oh I don't know, you said you didn't want any...NOM, NOM, NOM, NOM!"
Cooper: "No, I do, please!"
Me: "Ok" :)
Cooper: "Ohhhh...I'm sleepy..."
Game. Set. Match.

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