Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cooper farts

Whenever my first dog Sari farted, she'd be terrified and start looking for a place to hide. Mostly because whenever she farted my mom would spray cologne or something to cover up the smell and Sari hated the way the cologne smelled. Sometimes if you farted she would look at you and then at the cologne bottle and back to you and back to the bottle. Silly dog. She also showed shame; like she was embarassed to have passed gas.
Cooper on the other hand, is completely shameless. Sometimes when he farts he stares at his butthole like, "Hm, that's where it came from? Weird..." Other times he groans and lays on his side. Most of the time his butt is facing me and I always get a terrible whiff of it. He is completely unapologetic and if I scold him to get away from me, he gives me a look out of the corner of his eye like he's saying, "Hey, I don't make a big deal when you fart so you hush up."
A couple times he farted and it actually made a tooting sound. The first time that happened he jumped a mile and stared at his butt in wonder like, "WOW!" Then he did that cute little head cock thing and it almost looked like he was laughing.

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