Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Go away

Cooper has been doing well lately; his allergies are improving and now that we're having a bit cooler weather, he seems to be in a better mood.
I guess the change in weather and the fact that all the things that Cooper's allergic to are dying is contributing to the fact that Cooper seems to have more energy. He hasn't played fetch or tug of war for awhile because he was too busy being miserable and scratching himself. Lately he will run over to his toy box and grab his frog or Wubba and entice me to play with him. It's really nice to see him with more energy.
As for everything else, I think he's pretty happy. He's been sleeping back on the bed with me and has taken to sleeping right under my hand so I am petting him all night; or at least he thinks he's being petted. I'm just glad to know that my little Choo Choo is happier with fall coming. :)

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