Sunday, July 25, 2010

Good dog

Sometimes I don't give Cooper enough credit when credit is due. Tyson and I broke up last Tuesday, but before we did we got in a motorcycle accident on Sunday. I have really bad road rash on my knees and hand on the right side and one of my biggest worries was that Cooper would want to smell and lick the wounds and they might get infected or something.

Surprisingly, he did sniff at them and I was getting ready to yell at him to back up, but all he did was sniff them and stare at me with the most pitying expression on his face. Obviously, I'm really depressed about the break up, I've been crying a lot and just lying in bed. Cooper keeps his space and when he thinks it's especially bad, he lightly jumps up on the bed and lays next to me. I think it's really sweet that he tries to comfort me and I also like that he gives me some space and can keep himself entertained.

He is a good dog in his own way. I have been comparing him to Sari, my first dog, and I never gave him a chance to be himself and accept him for the dog he is and not the dog I want.

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