Monday, June 21, 2010


Tyson moved in with me for the next 5-6 weeks while he's doing contract work in Denver. So, the two of us gets to share my tiny living space with Cooper who doesn't seem to enjoy the extra attention or company. Cooper's always been a mama's boy and something tells me that he doesn't want to share my attention with Tyson.
Normally, Cooper likes everyone that walks in the door and wants to be their best friend for life. When we get home, Cooper runs past Tyson ignoring him completely while jumping into my legs. He waits until Tyson's hand is centimeters from touching him before he runs off or turns his head. Tyson knows that Cooper's a bitchy little queen but this is starting to hurt his feelings.
Cooper won't do tricks for treats if Tyson asks him to. Cooper won't acknowledge Tyson's presence and whenever Tyson tries to get his attention, Cooper firmly turns his head away from Tyson and stares at me like, "I don't like him in our house. I'm not listening to him."
The weird thing is, when we're outside Cooper wants to walk next to Tyson and gazes up at him kind of adoringly with a smile on his face. I just don't get why he doesn't like him when we're inside. It's not like Tyson invades Cooper's space or anything, but Cooper just seems set on ignoring Tyson until we're outside in the great outdoors.

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