Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Just because...

I love Cooper and need to take more pictures of the little guy.

Here he is lying on my bed watching TV. Ah, to live life as dog...

And yet another shot of how Cooper always has the best seat in the house. He's not allowed on the pillows but I couldn't scold him since this is such a cute shot of the little furry monster.

Monday, June 22, 2009

He's a Boy!!!!

I swear, everyone thinks Cooper is a girl. True, he has sharper features and he likes to prance around, but he is a BOY! And he's not gay! He's a-sexual!
Everyone teases me about Cooper or strangers will come up to me and ask, "Oh what a beautiful dog! What kind is she?" while I glare and reply, "He's a boy!" Good Lord, can they not see that he's a boy?!
Granted, he is a mama's boy and likes to sniff flowers and can't fight worth a damn, but he is a boy...perhaps I neutered him too soon before his masculine features fully developed...

Monday, June 15, 2009

Inclement Weather

Denver's been having almost nightly tornado warnings. It really got me thinking about emergency situations in which Cooper might be alone in the apartment while I'm trapped downtown. Being me, I worry a little too much, but I think this is legitimate.

I had a nightmare a few weeks ago that a tornado hit downtown and I was trying to get home to save Cooper. Of course, I woke up before I even got to my place, but I don't know, what would I do? What would Cooper do? I'd like to think that some of his instincts are still strong enough to help keep him semi-safe. At least make him hide under the bed or even somewhere safer.
Yesterday was really scary; the tornado sirens were going off every 15 minutes or so. Cooper started pacing around and jumped into my lap and stayed there for about half an hour. I got really scared seeing him act that way; he doesn't ever sit in my lap for anything. I thought for sure the tornado will touch down but luckily, it blew to the north and we were ok. I guess yesterday made me think that I should have an emergency pack made up specifically for Cooper. Just in case.